H.B. Fuller is more than just a global adhesives manufacturer—it’s a name you can trust. And because we manufacture and market a broad range of adhesive technologies for today’s transportation needs, leading manufacturers continue to choose us time and time again—they know that we enable them to create the most innovative solutions for their customers.

We create high-performance automotive adhesive products and solutions for the most challenging bonding applications. We continuously drive innovation, leading to increased vehicle and component durability, faster processing and the design freedom necessary for automakers to compete in today’s market. We deliver through comprehensive technical expertise – quickly, locally and personally.

We offer adhesives for the automobile industry in the following ways:

Some areas of recent advancement include:

Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Adhesives

Our low VOC adhesives ensure that you stay ahead of the increasingly high standards for vehicle indoor air quality (VIAQ) and provide a safe manufacturing environment for your employees.

Automotive Interior Adhesives

Our high-performance automotive interior adhesives simplify and speed processing, reduce WIP inventory and consistently deliver durable, heat resistant bonds on a variety of substrates.

Adhesives for Bonding Polypropylene & Composites

Our reactive and thermoplastic adhesives offer strong, reliable adhesion to both treated and untreated polypropylene and composites and a broad application range, offering streamlined processing solutions for these important lightweighting tools.

High-Performance Powertrain Sealing

Our highly engineered silicone and anaerobic sealants enable state-of-the-art design.

Exterior Lighting Adhesives

Our adhesives for lens and housing bonding exceed the most stringent global standards while bringing increased speed, stability and quality to the manufacturing process.


Our low emission adhesives and sealants enable lightweight designs that increase energy efficiency, safety and sustainability.

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