Silicone Sealants

Flange sealant products are in liquid state before curing. They can fill flange gaps completely. Owing to their unique sealing mechanism, they have very good resistance to oils, chemicals, vibration and aging. They can fundamentally improve sealing reliability and replace gaskets to eliminate potential failures. They also can be used with gaskets in dimensional chains to enhance their sealing performance. While ensuring sealing performance, we have developed a variety of specialized products to meet equipment maintenance requirements for sealing materials under various working conditions.

Anaerobic Flange Sealant Series

Anaerobic flange sealants are used for sealing small gaps between mechanical parts, such as housings, flanges and end caps. They can be used to replace gaskets for improved seal reliability, increased overall rigidity and loading capacity. They also can be applied directly onto specialty gaskets to enhance their sealing performance.

Anaerobic Thread Lockers

Anaerobic thread lockers form a thermosetting plastic of various strengths after curing at room temperature, making threaded fasteners resistant to impact, vibration and corrosion, and preventing leakage. They can be used to replace other mechanical locking methods.

Anaerobic Pipe Thread Sealants

Anaerobic pipe thread sealants are used for the sealing of various pipe fitting threads. They can prevent leakage, rust and seizure, and are capable of instant sealing. Once cured, they can withstand high pressures and are good replacements for other, ineffective sealing methods.

Anaerobic Retaining Compounds

Anaerobic retaining compounds are used to increase the bonding strength of cylindrical non-threaded fittings. They fill clearance of mating surfaces uniformly.

Pre-applied Thread Lockers

Pre-applied thread lockers and sealants are applied on threaded fasteners and fittings. Pre-applied thread lockers are typically used in the mass production of bolts, screws, pipe fittings, plugs and other specialty fasteners.

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