If you’re in the market for an adhesive solution for your medical application, H.B. Fuller’s got you covered. Whether you require a UV curable product, an instant adhesive, an epoxy, or a hot melt, our line of medical application adhesives are the premier choice.

Our products have the consistent quality you can depend on to conform to all of your company’s production standards. Our manufacturing processes are ISO 13485 certified to ensure that your adhesive is consistently made the same way–every time. We are among only a few adhesive manufacturers in the world to be certified to this standard.

Biocompatibility also is an important factor. Many of our products have passed ISO 10993 for cytotoxicity, irritation, and sensitization so you can develop new medical devices with confidence.

We ensure that we do our part to exceed your expectations so you can focus on the end product. Whether you require a medical adhesive that is elastic, low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity, flexible, has a quick set time, or anything else, you can entrust H. B. Fuller with your medical bonding needs.

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