H.B. Fuller is committed to leveraging its global reach, technical expertise and diverse market knowledge to support adhesive solutions in general industries markets around the world. Together, we will partner with customers to respond to ever-changing market demands, develop and produce unique breakthrough adhesive technologies and most importantly add value to all operations (production, maintenance, and repair). We are dedicated to providing unique innovations through our adhesive and sealant products, packaging, and dispense equipment.

Sealing & Locking

Flange sealant products are in liquid state before curing. They can fill flange gaps completely. Owing to their unique sealing mechanism, they have very good resistance to oils, chemicals, vibration and aging.

Structural Bonding & Sealing

Structural adhesives provide high bonding strength, are resistant to impact and can be used for bonding different types of substrates.

Functional Coating & Rebuilding

Functional coating and rebuilding products are suitable for repairing and sealing various applications in addition to preventing wear and tear of mechanical equipment, resisting erosion, and can be used in both low-pressure and high temperature environments.

Rubber Bonding & Repairing Series

Rubber bonding and repair products are curable at room temperature, have high initial strength, and cure fast. They furthermore exhibit good comprehensive performance, excellent flexibility and excellent abrasion resistance after curing.

Accessories & Dispensing Equipment

Accessory products can help you achieve ideal repairing, bonding, sealing, locking, rust removal, mold release and anti-seize results. To complement our product line, we offer a state-of-the-art line of dispensing and LED adhesive curing equipment.


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