Metal Rebuilding Series

Metal rebuilding products are suitable for repairing and sealing various applications in iron castings, steel, and copper and aluminum alloy.

Abrasion Resistance Product Series

Abrasion resistant products adopt polymerized ceramic technologies to solve and prevent wear and tear of mechanical equipment.

Low-Friction Coating and Fixture Potting Series

The low-friction coating, positioning and potting products are polymer-alloy composite materials using high-performance, low-friction materials as aggregate. They are used for coating slide fitting surfaces, and for the positioning and potting of mated surfaces.

Corrosion Resistant Series

The corrosion resistant products are high-performance, polymer-ceramic composite, corrosion-resistant materials using ceramic powder as aggregate. They are resistant to many chemical types and can effectively shield and resist erosion.

Emergency Repairing Series

The emergency repair products are fast-cure maintenance materials suitable for use under a variety of wet, oily and low-pressure environments.

High Temperature Sealing and Repairing

High-temperature sealing and repair products are polymeric repair materials or inorganic materials using ceramics and metals as aggregate. They are suitable for sealing, repairing and bonding of equipment under high temperatures.

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