To deliver lighter, thinner consumer devices with ever greater processing power, consumer device manufacturers need to utilize non-traditional materials in the construction of their products. H.B. Fuller’s high performance adhesives meet current and next generation bonding requirements in the consumer electronics field.

We offer broad, end-to-end solutions in addition to materials and processes for the following applications and technologies.



  • Low Temperature, Fast Cure Liquids
  • Board and Component Level Liquids
  • Reactive Hot Melts
  • Light Cure Materials
  • 2K Liquids
  • Polyurethane
  • Silicone
  • Film

Board Level Materials

These offer customers excellent performance and high productivity, facilitate equipment savings, and reduce technology investment. Being able to match materials for board assemblies provides consistency in manufacturing processes and product performance.

Underfill and Edge Bonding Materials

These reworkable underfill chip-scale package materials are based on a one-component epoxy system and feature high-purity resin (low halogen content), fast cure at low temperatures, easy reworkability, and provide superior protection from mechanical impact. The edge bonding materials, which are offered across a range of viscosities and cure profiles, provide excellent performance in applications such as corner reinforcement and narrow edge bonding.

Low Temperature Cure Adhesives

These low temperature cure epoxy adhesives meet the increasing need for materials that are compatible with temperature-sensitive components. Not only can they be applied at low temperatures, but they also cure quickly to optimize line speeds without compromising the final adhesive strength.

Structural Bonding Adhesives

These urethane, acrylic, and epoxy adhesive products feature unique flexibility in application, cure speed, and performance. Additionally, these materials are formulated for precise performance features which cover a wide range of mechanical, thermal, optical, and electrical performance capabilities.

Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives

These include products that are specifically designed for mobile device assembly and cover a broad spectrum of applications, from touch panel assembly to mobile phone parts bonding.

UV Curable Materials

These use artificial ultraviolet light to rapidly cure the adhesive after application. Advantages include capability in high-speed automation, adhesion to a wide range of materials, and excellent end-use performance.

Reactive Film Adhesives

These simple, clean, and fast reactive film adhesives provide an advanced alternative to fasteners, liquid adhesives, and thermoplastic film adhesives. The combination of low activation temperature and thermosetting technology results in a superior bonding solution, and curing during heat activation forms a cross-linked network creating a tough, flexible, heat resistant bond.

Because today’s electronics have to perform in increasingly harsh and demanding environments, you need a materials partner with proven expertise in the electronics assembly space—one who can formulate, manufacture, and deliver tailored solutions for high-value electronic circuits and assemblies.

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