Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturers want adhesive and sealant solutions that are proven to work, and they also need a partner who is willing to innovate and break boundaries. As the EV market continues to change the automotive industry and as battery technology and construction methods evolve, the limits of technology are rapidly advancing and enabling the proliferation of EVs that are both practical and cost effective. This evolution requires a well-tooled supply chain, and adhesive and sealant technology will play a large role in enabling this evolution.


Thermally-Conductive Encapsulants

At a fundamental level, battery design requires the management and dissipation of heat. H.B. Fuller’s thermally-conductive materials facilitate the efficient transmission of heat away from critical circuits and connection points.

Structural Adhesives

Lightweight designs are paramount in advancing the proliferation of EVs. This means increased use of aluminum, composites, and other materials, which create a host of body structure design challenges. H.B. Fuller’s structural adhesive offerings enable new lightweight designs that could not be possible with traditional assembly methods.

Silicone Sealants

Either within the battery itself or the interface to the vehicle, preventing the elements of a harsh road environment from entering is critical as are materials that stand up to UV, salt, oil, and wide temperature ranges. H.B. Fuller’s TONSAN brand of silicone sealants is well aligned to meet the needs of the EV market.

Cure in Place Gaskets

A cure in place gasket is dispensed on one half of a closure, then cured before installation, resulting in a compression gasket that effectively seals the part, but can be removed and reused in the service environment. H.B. Fuller has a variety of technologies that can be employed to effectively seal and aid in the long term serviceability of the vehicle.


Epoxies serve a variety of purposes in the construction of batteries, including structural, sealing, and encapsulating. H.B. Fuller has a complete portfolio of epoxies that are well suited for a variety of EV challenges.

At H.B. Fuller, we thrive on solving challenges. We invite you to bring your EV problems to us, and we’ll handle the rest. Put our more than 130 years of experience and rapid innovation to the test, and give us a call today!

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