H.B. Fuller adhesives and sealants enable you to reliably address your design and manufacturing challenges. 




Smaller, lighter, thinner and faster. Our high performance adhesives meet current and next generation bonding requirements in the consumer electronics field.


Our bonding and sealing products enable vehicle manufacturers to attain ever-increasing levels of performance, reliability, safety and sustainability.

Electric Vehicles

As the EV market continues to change the automotive industry, the limits of technology are rapidly advancing, and we partner with customers to innovate for today and tomorrow. 



Whether you require a UV curable product, an instant adhesive, an epoxy, or a hot melt, our line of medical application adhesives are the premier choice.

General Industries

We have a diverse line of high performance, high technology specialty adhesives, sealants and dispensing solutions for both OEM and MRO markets. Our know-how can increase the reliability of your end product and extend the life of critical production equipment. 

Clean Energy

We are committed to sustainable business practices. That’s why one of our major focuses is clean, solar energy (PV) and wind energy.